I was just looking at what people search for on google when they swing by here using this fancy blog analytic software.

Some of the best so far are:

1. "Men Wanking"
Get the porno one out of the way first, my fault for bringing it up really.

2."What is a perma-scowl?"
FYI It's a permanent scowl that manifests itself on the faces of those that work directly with the public.

3."problems with vimto"
How do you have 'problems' with your syrupy delicious hot vimto drink? I bet you spilled it on yourself naked or something, the mascot isn't called Purple Ronnie for nothing y'know

4. ""
Worse than number 1.

5. "single in belfast"
More depressing when it's typed in lowercase like that, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by though, even though you probably didn't find what you were looking for hopefully you enjoyed the pictures.

400 Facts Issue #1 Part Seven

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Twit Two

Dinosaur illustration for Bandwidth
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Altered Images

I got an invite to a big ol BBQ birthday bash the other night as I was asked to illustrate at it, which was very exciting, figured I'd make the birthday boy a poster before going - here's the results: