The Doo Doo Doos (Nialler9 Illustration Podcast #36)

Well here it is, the new Nialler9 podcast illustration, I really like this one and by a happy turn of events I think this could be my favourite music lineup on the new podcast, just give the first track a listen by the excellent Tune-Yards (not doing the weird caps un caps thing with their name since I'd risk a hernia) and see if you aren't squiggling in your chair by the end of it. Even my mum likes it apart from 'the bits where she's yelling but I like the doo doo doos'


1. TUnE-yArDs – ‘Bizness’ – w h o k i l l
2. Dum Dum Girls – ‘He Gets Me High’ – He Gets Me High EP
3. No Monster Club – ‘The Last Bottle In The World’ – Young Guts Champion EP
4. Earth Girl Helen Brown – ‘I Wanna Do It’
5. Thee Oh Sees – ‘Ruby Go Home’ – Help
6. Star Slinger – ‘Baby Mama’ – Bedroom Joints
7. Lone – ‘Rissotowe 4′ – Emerald Fantasy Tracks
8. Ghostpoet – ‘Us Against Whatever’ – Peanut Butter Blues And Melancholy Jam
9. White Lies – ‘The Power & The Glory’ (Bibio remix)
10. Solar Bears – ‘Cub’ Keep Shelly In Athens remix
11. Abner Jay – ‘Royal Palm’ – One Man Band
12. Julianna Barwick – ‘Prizewinning’ – The Magic Place

duh zone

Once I've spent all day working on stuff I never feel much like talking or writing. I call it 'the zone' (non caps) You may have experienced this is in your own endeavours in the past, I can't really describe it other than to say it's a long period of intense creativity and concentration followed by accute dissapointment.

So many ways to whine

I'm sick and missing out on some big fun what with it being Record Store Day an' all. I was hoping to pop down to my local CD emporium and see a spookily good line up of bands and DJs play but no luck for me, I've been brought low by the lurgy, chugging lemsips and ribena from a well worn mug. In my increased downtime I've been mucking around with the follwing three new illustrations, I think they could work well as simple screen prints to make up in the near future.

The Fox and Hound

Hi, you've already seen todays new picture - its at the top of the blog here, but perhaps you're reading this in the future when there's a different picture up there and you want to know what picture it is I'm referring to. In that very specific case, here is SAID picture:

Also in glad news of tidings I was featured in GO-GO-GO LETS ALL GO BELFAST MAGAZINE later known as GO BELFAST which is now known as GO. It was a really nice piece actually, very tastefully done and gushed right all over this here blog. I suppose that's why I'm sprucing it up really, not for you regulars no, but for the legions of new fans piling in as I type ready to throw their monies and underwear at me.

Not one of you regulars threw underwear at me. Not one.

When it jump up

Sometimes an idea for an image springs up in my mind with no brief or fanfare, it'll just sit in there like a lil' seed caught in a back tooth annoying me until I expunge it from my head. Here's the latest of such things,