Something Something Wonderful Something

It's been a great few weeks, pretty low on life disasters and social faux pas in general and I've started to get more and more work flying in the door to take care of, I really cannae complain (as much as the natural instinct lies within my athletic testosterone charged frame)

It was my dads birthday today, I made him a little card to convey the feelings and sentiments that I have at this particular time of year for him, I'm not quite sure what it says about him or our relationship or even birthdays but I hope you enjoy the the tropical um bongo stlyed nature of it.

The next picture is a melange of ideas, (which could mutate into a flyer design possibily) that could be tweaked in the future should someone want to lay claim to it for a project they're working on, really it was an excercise in loosening the joints in my fingers and get back into producing high quality work at a high rate of production while I am high.

Next week holds greater delights where I'll be working on a project for an upcoming awards ceremony and then onto a very exciting potentially huge project which I'm not really sure I can talk about. Maybe I'll do a blog about my life in the meantime, y'know something not work related that people can tune into and think "He's alright that kid, I love to hear about the tedious events that punctuate his dreary existence, makes me feel ok about spilling beans on my laptop and not wiping it up for 3 weeks" Yeah I might do that, cos guess what? MY LIFE AIN'T SO TEDIOUS NO MORE.

Walk Out To Winter

It was pretty slow in work over the past few days, not much happening aside from the scrambled eggs in the canteen have finally evolved into a new form, in that they have a gained a blue-ish tint and developed a gritty cold brains texture, two things which I previously wasn't aware eggs could do.

At points where I got perilously close to dosing off I decided instead to pick up my pen and start drawing a stream of consciousness comic strip. Yea yea Chachi, I know that sounds really wanky but for me it's a fun way to get those little grey cells (scrambled egg flashback..eugh) ticking over and get the creative juices flowing. It also means I don't have to sit down and write something overly laboured and horrid and think it provides a quite a natural, if surreal, comic strip.

Anyway, see what you think below, you can start anywhere you like, there's no real story to speak of, just interpret how you like and (hopefully) enjoy the visual aspect.

Really like doing comic strips again, maybe I should get to work on 400 Facts issue #2 again eh? (Christ can't believe how long it's been since I worked on that...)

Shamans go cripple/My sales go triple

I'm a tweaker, I'll admit it, love nothing but spending the evenings tweaking away. It's the 'channel mixer' in photoshop that sets me off, all those potential colour combos and the slighest cockup along the way ruins your entire tweak leaving you with an ugly colour vom-palette. I can spend hours moving tiny sliders back and forth, adjusting the amount of magenta or cyan in any given image incrementally until finally I flip, my eyes cross and I have to fight the urge to kill again.

I've been tweaking on this image for new band Hammerbat for a while now, two different versions below - tell me which you prefer, if you're out there (and wish to state a preference, how embarassing if this ends up with no comments I'll have to retire) /reverse psycology


It's that time of the month again for me.
Nialler9 podcast day
! I'm really digging doing this at the moment since the musics great and I love Nialls style of blogging, he's managed to switch me on to pretty much anything great that's coming out from here and from afar. I always end up listening to streams from there when I'm illustrating so in a way we're entangled in some big ol creative hubbub feedback loop. Oh Yeah, one of those.

This month Niall gave me a list of possible song titles as inspiration and I picked Chromeo's 'Hot Mess' since it gave me the idea of using Lindsay Lohan who is, of course, the hottest fuckup of all, in the biggest mess I can envisage, THE BEVERLY HILLS APOCALYPSE.

Also shoutout and props to Aoife Mc at RTE2 XM Right Click Radio for my own shoutout on the podcast, Hooplah dooplah that made my day!

Tracklisting podcast #33

1. Chromeo – ‘Hot Mess’ – Business Casual
2. Kisses – ‘Kisses’
3. The Phantom Band – ‘O’ – The Wants
4. Chilly Gonzales – ‘I Am Europe’ – Ivory Tower
5. Computer Magic – ‘Science Channel 9′ -Free EP
6. Black Milk – ‘Warning (Keep Bouncing)’ – Album Of The Year)
7. How To Dress Well – ‘Ecstasy with Jojo’
8. Washed Out – ‘Hold Out’ – Life of Leisure EP
9. Gold Panda – ‘Same Dream China’ – Lucky Shiner
10. Evan Voytas – ‘Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere’
11. Porcelain Raft- ‘Gone Blind’
12. Warpaint – ‘Bees’ – The Fool
13. Lorn – ‘Glass & Silver’ – Nothing Else