Fokken Freaky Fokken Deaky

Horrah! Horror! Hurrah! My new illustration for Tia Clarkes (she of Tell That Cat to Chill fame)article on strange S. African group Die Antwoord has gone live on the AU website, g'wan have a look! After drawing this I now actaully like Die Antwoord. I have no idea how it happened but I think I might have accidently fallen on my pen while drawing this late one night and it shoved up into my nose accidently giving myself a lobotamy.

Drinking Alone Ends Positively

I called into the Menagerie, my local of sorts, a Wednesday or two ago and it was pretty dead, just me and the barman. You might think that's rubbish but I love when the perfect storm of an empty bar and friendly barman come together as you can really just kick back and have a nice chat. A nice chat where one of you gets really steaming and then wakes up with a boiled cabbage for a head the next day.

Before I bid him adieu that evening though we were talking about my work and I just so happened (really) to have a load of photocopied doodles that I'd done that day in my bag. The idea with the photocopies was to go into bars around belfast and blue tack the pictures inside toilet cubicles for people to happen upon. It seemed like a really good idea at the time. Aside from that I found out that it's very easy for me to get sidetracked once inside the bar and so promptly forgot my mission up until this point.

I dutifully pulled one of these pictures out of my bag when asked and showed my imbibing enabler and then, rather wonderfully, he offered to put it up behind the bar.

So it's there now, in one of my favourite bars of all time. You'll have to go down there to see it as I haven't got it digitally. It may seem like a silly thing to be excited about but for the whole time I've been going to pubs I always loved seeing what the employees there had stuck up on their walls in their domain - sometimes it's pictures of them on a work night out, other times it's funny newspaper clippings reappropriated to be about a staff member. It's a little shrine back there and I was always jealous of not being able to take part (having never worked in a bar). So for me this was a small victory, do you see?

Oh, you'll never understand me will you! Have a sample of something I'm working on at the moment and probably shouldn't show you because it's A GREAT SECRET

A Knife, A Fork a Kettle an' a Fork that is how you spell NEW YORK

Here's the illustration I put together for the latest issue of AU Magazine, out now around Belfast and Dublin tomorrow and then the rest of the UK quickly after. This was alot of fun to put together and I kind of went for an allegorical idea for the image as I'm wary of being getting too literal in my work at the minute. Very wary, paranoid even. Now I've started talking like Snagglepuss I'll just end this spiel and show you the pic: