Don't Cry For Me Ballymena

Tonight, after sitting out my window ledge balcony thing with a smoke and a glass of vino, I looked to the stars and was struck by their radiant incandescent beauty which immediately made my thoughts turn to the plight of Cheryl Cole and just a tiny bit about poor wee starving orphans in places like Darfur. Here is a pie chart to illustrate:

Soon after a drunk homeless man called me a cunt and threw a pen at me and I scarpered back in a little the worse for wear. He was right though - my ethos is all wrong these days, my priorities back to front. I took his pen and wrote myself a new mantra and also made a note on a post-it to remind myself to get my old mantra lasered off ASAP.

Dearest reader, although these incidents seem completely irrelevant to what I'm about to say they both helped usher in the new eon of 400 Facts PLC - the comic is going to be made free on this-a-here blog. Just for you.

To those of you who have bought a copy, please get in touch with angry emails and I shall offer you a special prize for having bought an ish that no one else will get. The first issue will still be for sale and the second issue will also be collated into a hard copy once its done but it will simultaneously be available online fer free like. A new page of the comic will be posted every Tuesday so you'll have to be spry, eagle eyed and piquant of mind in order to follow along.

This way I think I'll be fully realising the potential of both the blog and the comic. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go practice my mantra before work tomorrow..