Charles Hurts + Cassette News

I've known Philip Quinn from new hot property Charles Hurts for a while now, he's a lovely effervescent chap with a real raw talent which is steadily being regognised. So it's been a real pleasure to work on the artwork for the inaugural release from his band on Caff/Flick records which can been seen below. Please have a listen at their bandcamp page, if you're a fan of guys like Ariel Pink and his ilk I think you'll get a kick.

Alot has already been written about Charles Hurts and alot of it more coherent than I can surmise as music journalism ain't my forte so I will add an anecdote instead in order to put my own spin on why you might want to keep an eye on this band. Philip is sharp as a pin, not only in his musical talent but in wit too, he is responsible for making me spit up my tea on more than one occasion with his jibes and japes. The best example of which is one time when we were reclining shooting the breeze he remarked offhandedly;

"My arse is itchy......don't worry, it's just the cheek, not the hole"

The relief in the room was palatable. Apologies if you don't think toilet humour funny and I hope we never meet.