Post Posters Pops

Some of the more regular and asute readers will have noticed that I've mentioned a screen printing adventure that I've been embroiled in for around 5 weeks now at the Belfast Print Workshop which has been thus far quite marvelous. Tonight I'd like to show the result of my exhertions, don't get your knickers in too much of a twist though, it's my first time so the image is really quite simple (and in fact you may recognise it from a previous post).

I am rather chuffed though, despite the simplicity of the 2-colour image (in fact its better to keep an image like this simple). It's a very technical and physical process but extremely satisfying when it goes right. I'm so satisfied by the thick gloopy, rich quality of the ink smooshed onto the creamy card paper, when I've had prints done by quick and dirty print shops in the past I've been really disatisfied by the print quality but now I can control every aspect of the image I produce and its dizzying (really, I love this shit). Please excuse the poor quality of the mobile phone pics and try to imagine the lustre of a fresh ink on a sheaf of quality card.

I'm considering setting up one of those little internet shops to start selling prints when I've done a few more (and of course I have a few of these so if interested just drop me a mail)

All in all it's an exciting new sideline to explore with new techiniques to learn and different avenues to explore so I'm really excited about seeing where this can go. I'm off for a hot cross bun and a cuppa now, bye!