'iya duck, thanks for visiting the 400 Facts blog...

400 Facts is a new comic written and illustrated completely independently (ie. no money) by myself based on a story and characters that I've been working on for a while. The first issue concerns itself with set up of the central tenants of the comic, literally and figuratively, we're introduced to Eleanor, Adeline, Pru and Del who all come to reside at 400 Factory Lane - the crumbling microcosm where the story is set.

It's been a real learning experience trying to multitask the writing and illustration, at times it was overwhelmingly challenging, but when I finished up the other week I was really looking forward to starting part two and pleased with what part one has set up as a springboard.

I'll be updating the blog regularly with alot of interesting stuff I've got planned so stick close buddy. For now, why not have a look at some samples of 400 Facts Issue #1 below and if you like how it looks you can support me in these endeavours by buying a copy via the link on the right hand side of the page here or by going to the online publisher direct at