Twin Peeks - Isobel Anderson Album Launch

I got this pal, Isobel Anderson, by day she plays around with various bits of strange and probably evil music manipulation equipment at SARC and by night she writes achey breaky beautiful songs rounded out by her superb soulful voice.

The wee lassie has her first album out this week and I was given the honour of doing doing her album cover which can be seen below:

And I've also done her a special surprise which'll be available alongside the CD on the night of said album launch (event details are here) as it's also her birthday around then too and thought this might be double nice.

So here you are Iz if you're reading this, a nice poster to mark the occasion, Happy Birthday in advance and congratulations! You may also notice some slight Twin Peaks type imagery in there, which is intentional as that night in the Black Box also hosts a Twin Peaks Vaudeville type thing which promises to be really great Diane.

I'll see the rest of you down the Black Box on Thursday night then, I'll be the one with posters stuffed down his pants.