Back of the Class Speccy Four Eyes

Forgive me blogspot, it's been ages since my last illustration.

Had a lovely time last week down at Izzys album launch at the Black Box and it was great to see people loving her music and buying up albums and posters in droves. A lovely atmosphere and ta to all of you that came down. The money has since went on copious amounts of gin and kleenex tissues which we'll split 50/50you'll be glad to know.

I present now, a new illustration for that lovely chap Niall at - the wonderous music blog of much infulence and respect. In a similar vein to the last job we collaborated on this too is for the brilliant podcast which shall feature some top modern tunes the like of which will become achingly cool around October 12th so if you listen to it now you'll be ahead of the curve and the envy of all friends and maybe even your dad. You always suspected he resented you and now, here, finally is the proof.

The brief for this job was 'Back to School', I eventually came up with the idea that, on the first day back to school most people spend an age preening themselves getting their 'look' down which shall define them for the coming academic year -thusly the image is viewed as if you're a voyeur peeking through the looking glass at familar and not so familar scenes.