Brad says 'Hi' from Sunny Cullybackey

Last week when I was in work I read an article on a girl called Taylor Momsen, I hadn't really heard about her before but I'd heard her name banded about since it's one of those cloying american-y names that people from here end up calling their kids and making them sound like little Brad is fresh from the Valley when really he's from Cullybackey.

Anyway I gulped in this article on my break and was pretty taken aback about how she's been treated by those 'in charge' of her and her career thus far. Rudey nudey videos and fanny shots before she's even 17 and then the realisation of the fact that she's merely being used as a product made me wince a little and generally its quite hard to make me wince.

I started doodling then and began to pretend I was a voyeur sitting in on the interview, taking snap shots of a young teen for exploititive purposes (now you're sitting up) for my gossip rag and then I decided that this teen needed a voice. Albeit a voice in which she unwittingly exposes her own exploitation. It's all very cynical.

Here's the results, Hollywood Interview: