Counseling, Comix and Cards

A'right Chachi, I've been refering to my recent output as 'Counseling Comixs' in private as a bit of joke for a while now (Yeah, admittedly not a really funny joke) since they deal with heartbreak and eastenders-style dilemmas, but it's a term which is growing rapidly more apt. For example the recent comic 'A Short Vignette about a Big Love' was an exercise of exorcism for a close friend, the delivery of that story into the public was a way of unburdening himself.

Now it's time to widen the scope and let the public get some of that raw dirty emotion out into a little vessel of an idea I've created. I've been working on a card this week - one which could potentially bring joy into the life of some pasty-faced panty-waist or alternately obliterate their last shred of dignity with the aid of some callous wordplay.

I'd rather it would bring joy though, cos I'm a loving dude.

How is this effect achieved? Well, the first card has been created with a man in mind (not that the female version which will follow soon is going to much different - I just like making cards...) and thusly the imagery and text upon and within the card are geared toward the dangly-er of the sexes(of which unfortunately there are currently only two).

The text within the card is a choose-your-own-adventure of prose, it's best here to use an example as I'll be here all day explaining this rubbish:
could transform into:

I've made a print of 50 tonight and I'm going to be putting them around town tomorrow - In the next update about the cards fer girls I'll post the locations I'm putting them in, however if you do fancy one just send me a message ( and I'll send one out. Alternatively you can just print out your own version using the images supplied in this post.

It'd be really cool if you people sent me your cards with your own messages and I can post them up here, if people bite the best one will get a free comic.

So c'mon you cosmic tigers, start declaring your feelings (positive or negative)