Sucks For You

I love staying in on a Friday night sometimes, I call it 'Treat Day' which admittedly isn't a good thing to say to people when they ask you your weekend plans, I think the majority of people I've mentioned it to think I'm talking about pleasuring myself.

That's their problem though, right readers? Y'see Treat Day is all about taking myself out of the running for a bit and giving myself presents like bottles of wine and delicious foods all whilst puffing my ego by telling myself I'm really good/cool.

I like to draw on Treat Day, it relaxes me. Did you ever hear of that artist Paul Klee who talked about freeing the mind by 'taking a line for a walk'? Where you'd sit with a pen and a big piece of paper and just let your hand and brain explore the galaxy of your own conciousness? That's what I like to get into every once in a while. Big hairy bawls pretentious shit like that.

I might post some of that stuff up sometime, but for now just have a peek at this wee doodle I finished off this morning:

P.S I was away this week so forgot to put up the next part of 400 Facts - it'll be back next Tuesday n'er worry pal..