Something Something Wonderful Something

It's been a great few weeks, pretty low on life disasters and social faux pas in general and I've started to get more and more work flying in the door to take care of, I really cannae complain (as much as the natural instinct lies within my athletic testosterone charged frame)

It was my dads birthday today, I made him a little card to convey the feelings and sentiments that I have at this particular time of year for him, I'm not quite sure what it says about him or our relationship or even birthdays but I hope you enjoy the the tropical um bongo stlyed nature of it.

The next picture is a melange of ideas, (which could mutate into a flyer design possibily) that could be tweaked in the future should someone want to lay claim to it for a project they're working on, really it was an excercise in loosening the joints in my fingers and get back into producing high quality work at a high rate of production while I am high.

Next week holds greater delights where I'll be working on a project for an upcoming awards ceremony and then onto a very exciting potentially huge project which I'm not really sure I can talk about. Maybe I'll do a blog about my life in the meantime, y'know something not work related that people can tune into and think "He's alright that kid, I love to hear about the tedious events that punctuate his dreary existence, makes me feel ok about spilling beans on my laptop and not wiping it up for 3 weeks" Yeah I might do that, cos guess what? MY LIFE AIN'T SO TEDIOUS NO MORE.