Walk Out To Winter

It was pretty slow in work over the past few days, not much happening aside from the scrambled eggs in the canteen have finally evolved into a new form, in that they have a gained a blue-ish tint and developed a gritty cold brains texture, two things which I previously wasn't aware eggs could do.

At points where I got perilously close to dosing off I decided instead to pick up my pen and start drawing a stream of consciousness comic strip. Yea yea Chachi, I know that sounds really wanky but for me it's a fun way to get those little grey cells (scrambled egg flashback..eugh) ticking over and get the creative juices flowing. It also means I don't have to sit down and write something overly laboured and horrid and think it provides a quite a natural, if surreal, comic strip.

Anyway, see what you think below, you can start anywhere you like, there's no real story to speak of, just interpret how you like and (hopefully) enjoy the visual aspect.

Really like doing comic strips again, maybe I should get to work on 400 Facts issue #2 again eh? (Christ can't believe how long it's been since I worked on that...)