Blast off with the Space Pussies! (This will be my last reference to pussies for a while now, promise)

I start a new job tomorrow. See, I got these bills to pay, or at least I will have many more in the very near future and as much as I want to spend my days drawing all sorts of irreverent imagery I must go out and do something completely unrelated in order to justify this existence. It's a real pisser and a great thing all in one mixed bag of emotion, my days will be spent thinking such well trod existential thoughts as "What's this all about?" and my evening will be spent drawing thinking "Ding Dong! I like this!" while making fast car sounds and pretending my pen is a space laser. I'm a modern grown up you see.

So, if you like the pictures I'm popping up on here, don't fret, they'll still be as plentiful (especially if I can get away with drawing at work, which actually happened in my last job) but my daytime won't be as whimsical anymore. I'm also thinking about starting to do some poster prints of my work if anyone ever liked anything enough to want it on their wall. It'd be fairly reasonable price wise I'd imagine but if interested just comment and I'll look into it.

Here is the end of my most boring blog so far - well done on getting through it, have a really wild picture of space pussies as a reward: