I feel like I've been away for a holiday. This weekend marked the biggest break I've had away from the drawing board in ages and it was ruddy lovely, hanging about with old friends and meeting new people, all while dancing and spinning and reaching toward the heavens seeking libations from the gods (commonly known as drinking Stella).

Amongst all the tip top moments throughout the weekend, one thing I've oddly missed without even realising it, is the party convoy that occurs (sometimes) at the beginning of a night and then again at the end. The party convoy being a mass of people you're huddled together with which then snakes it way through the city, a bubbling contingent of chatter, ideas and bonhomie. When you're part of this mass group you no longer pay any mind to the spides that lurk in the darkness with a cutting putdown about my handbag or my windaes and the streets of Belfast become a wonderful place to be.

Of course if you find yourself constantly embroiled in a party convoy - in that you never spend anytime alone and share a consciousness with at least 3 other people, just watch yourself kiddo as generally these kinds of party convoys are referred to as cults and you'll be substituting beer for Kool-Aid in no time.

Right then, back to life, back to reality. It's time for another drawing, enjoy this poster I've made for a night of music making in the Stiff Kitten: