Domo Arigato Mrs Toshiba

My computer is about to die. When I touch her robust, beetle black outer casing (which is marked and scored from many a physical crash) the screen splinters and corrupts like a budget version of Tron. I've dragged the big lass with me from city to city, home to home, relationship to endless, god-forsaken, unfulfilled, bankrupt, detestable relationship that I've ever had, and now our time together is finally at an end.

I'll truly miss her.

I recall being completely enamored with her big screen and gigantic gigs of ram when I first got her home in 2005, she'd run anything I threw at her, she was so game she'd do multiple tasks at once.

I'm smiling, thinking on the way her fan would huff and puff at night as I forced her into downloading ("Lovely Thoughts") and ("Kittens"), but those balmy summer nights are behind us now. Just the cold winter of the scrapheap ahead.

To be honest with you, more than anything else, I feel ashamed. Ashamed for lying to my mates down the pub about how big her harddrive is, then going home to find her waiting on the bed, only to turn her on and have to delete yet more things I could've done with to get what I really wanted out of her. And I just sat there tutting, looking at my watch. Despicable.

I'm going to have to go, I'm using my sisters computer for the time being. It just feels all wrong.


As a postscript, I would like to add that today marks the two month anniversary of 400 Facts the comic, and 400 Facts the blog. Thank you all for being dears and visiting me here, have a small redesign, a video of my favourite ever song and my eternal gratitude for your readership, updates shall continue to be regular even in these difficult times.