When Hairy met Smelly


I've had a rather good day, some magazine asked me to intern with them in big aul shitey London but I don't want to move there plus I wouldn't get paid would I? I'm not sure what interning is aside from a ripe opportunity for a damp squib of a Monica Lewinsky joke. But still it was a treat to be asked and maybe I'll end up doing work for them regardless as I like their stuff.

In other exciting publication news, a lil' valentines illustration which I done is now up on the beatific Bandwidth Website as part of their smashing valentines mixtape with a super cool inlay design by Trisha McNally - go forth and listen and hopefully procreate as a result. I've spent the last few minutes dancing with myself (not a euphemism) to 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' covered by The Flora, The Fauna and 'Love Cats' by Katie and the Can Openers.

I'm off to drink more gin and then head out fer a pals big smash-up birthday - Happy Birthday to him!