I was hoking through my old stuff in my bedroom at home this past July 12th weekend in a fitful state of boredom and in a similar case to my fav blogger Tuesday Kid, I came across a diary full of adolescent emotional vomit from when I was 17, which, weirdly enough was started 10 years to this very month.

It was all a bit embarrassing if I'm honest. In order to give you a taste of how inward looking and narcissistic I was (well aware of the irony of writing that on my blog where I talk about myself btw) here's a choice quip from September 13th 2001

[This entry was three journal pages long and this quote is the very last paragraph]

"...Oh and I should mention that some terrorists blew up the Twin Towers in America a few days ago, could this mean war? I really hope not as I feel I've only just started to live, there's so much more to see, I want to do so much with my life..."

Several pages of teenage angst followed by this vile summation of a world changing event in which many people perished and all I could think of at the time is whether I would ever get my hole...

It's a very introspective time of year here and by that I mean that its a time where we all stick our heads in the sand, thats what I was doing at least. I don't feel too hot about it.