Kiani - Metal Kettle

Katrina O'Kane is a wonderful lass from Belfast with a great set of ears. She's also known as Kiani when she uses these ears to put together some of the finest psychedelic electronica that I've come across in this cosmos. It is also imperitive that I note that she also owns a very very tiny chinese hamster who reportedly begins to nod along in appreciation when her bedroom beats come into fruitition after her many hours of toil. In every facet of her work Katrina is inventive and always creative, looping in and out and around and sideways, never giving away where you'll end up sonically - all of which is no doubt the result of her time spent tweaking and fine tuning and setting the listener on an audio adventure.

Head over to her soundcloud page or her myspace to find out more and have a listen, also check out the first part of my illustration below which I completed for her forthcoming mix Metal Kettle which we're hoping to drop around hyper hip establishments soon in order to become rich.


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