Carrie Bradshaw Investigates...

Hello Facts Fans!

Been drawing some Issue 2 stuff today but wanted to take a break to get some stuff off my chest.

Surely there must be a term for when you break up with someone and then they go on to marry/have a baby with their very next partner. We live in a modern dating age where a day hardly goes by without hearing someone spout rubbish they overheard off of Sex and the City (I overheard someone talking about Cougars and their ancient cooters the other day) usually cribbing a phrase from that show to make their point.

So rewind your eyes back to that first question I popped in yer eyes there at the start - have a think for a bit.

See, I found out today that someone I dated for not-very-long-at-all had a baby and got married to the bloke she started dating right after me, and I have to say it all feels a bit curious in my tummy.

I'll admit when I first saw the pictures I did some mental arithmetic in my head and came out 2 months in the clear (yeah its self serving and redundant but you would do the same) and sang something akin to 'humin-ah humin-ah! That ain't my baby!

So at this point some of you may be thinking I dodged a bullet but I haven't really paid any mind to that side of things at all - in fact, as I stared in the wee babbies eyes while she sat on my exes knee I got an odd feeling of having missed out on something, and no I don't mean actually having the kid or being married.

Perhaps I can sum this up in terms of an image; picture yourself turning up to a party and theres loads of food and the musics on full blast and the place looks a state as it should but theres no one there, its just you, free to enjoy yourself as you see fit - but where'd everyone go?

I don't want to bow out on such a note though so lets return to the question I posed to you at the very start, the modern term we need for this situation, the only thing I could think of was 'Baby Baton'.

As in;

Mister one: "She left me and now shes pregnant and getting married to this other dude"

Mister two: "Looks like you just passed him the baby baton!"

(Canned laughter to fade - credits roll - studio bosses report dismal viewing figures)