Out of the Frying Pan and into the Flyer

Back to work then, bang into 2010 and cannot make anymore excuses for not doing anything except for watching terrible BBC specials with awful CGI effects and eating malteasers all day and then doing useless situps out of guilt.

Been staying up late most nights trying to sleep but having the characters of 4HF run through my mind getting into different strange scenarios, a few of which I end up having to write down so as to not forget them in the morning. There's a new character in the next issue called Dinah who I'm loving writing at the minute as she's a brassy mare so its fun coming up with put downs for her. Here's a line of hers that came from the aforementioned sleepless(ish) night, it's in reference to finding her drunken big brother Del sat outside their house in the snow wrapped in their mums pilfered bedsheets:

"Is that mams bedsheets wrapped on yeh, from the line? - must've been the only thing keeping you warm out here - that n'all the whisky in yer dick"

Also, below you'll see a new flyer that i'm going to get made into stickers and stick them about round town, drum up a bit of buzz. I'm mostly terrible at drumming up buzz though and its something that sticks in my craw most of the time having to be my own PR. I'm just not very savvy in that way as I'm sure most people who do this sort of thing aren't either.

I think a flyer will be a fine start though before I move onto more ostentatious and desperate displays in vain efforts to garner public support, here's to 2010!