A (Wonder) Womans Work Is Never Done

I've been watching and reading up on a load of monster movies and exploitation films from back in the 70's and 80's recently which have been serving as a little inspiration for the illustration I'm doing on the side at the minute. Even though movies like Driller Killer and Devil's Nightmare are gore fueled romps shot through with misogynistic overtones I can't help but really enjoy them for their anacronistic stylings.

I'd even watch something like Pom Pom Girls which I probably should be ashamed of. In fact if someone ever tasked me with making a film this would probably be the film I'd wanna make in my mind but would actually submit something more prosaic that society wouldn't boot me in the balls for.

Anyway, the real purpose of all this nonsense is to provide a bit of lead in for what was happening in my fevered brain when I drew this monster mash up, hope you enjoy: