The Public Private Diary of Dinah Gorgon Aged 17

Well as promised, I've got here (well on down the page) the free 'side story' comic I've been working on this week.

It's purpose is to compliment the narrative of 400 facts and flesh out another character who will really only be fleeting in the main comic, also I thought it'd be neat to give you internet chaps a chance to read something on here and get a feel for the type of comic you'd be letting yourself in for...

I hope you enjoy Dinahs first whirl round the comic book pole, her diary is a more surreal disjointed affair than 400 Facts too so i hope it floats all yer boats. Dinah herself is a testy bird and is really quite a contrary person. As she says herself, shes 17 and deadly.

On with the show then, remember to click the images to get a fullscreen (otherwise you'll have a hard time reading it)

Peace out